Visualizing the running ML system is important to measure success rate of the system. There is a dashboard which you can import into your grafana installation and can be found here:

Fact Store Metrics

Metrics for seeing the successful deployment of factstore. We may add more metrics in the future.

Metric Details Metric Type
aiops_human_feedback_count count of number of human feedback provided by customer Counter
aiops_human_feedback_error count of human feedback not able to write to db Counter

Core Metrics

Metrics for visualizing the running ML job running and false positives found. We may add more metrics you will find
updates here.
Metric Details Metric Type
aiops_lad_train_count count of training runs Counter
aiops_lad_inference_count count of inference runs Counter
aiops_lad_anomaly_count count of anomalies runs Gauge
aiops_lad_anomaly_avg_score avg anomaly score Gauge
aiops_lad_false_positive_count count of false positives processed runs Counter
aiops_hist histogram of anomalies runs Histogram
aiops_lad_threshold threshold of marker for anomaly Gauge